About sqlnix

Greetings and welcome to my blog.

My name is Sultan, I’m a computer science graduate based in South Yorkshire, UK. My area of specialty is relational databases and of those, I’m most familiar with SQL Server which I’ve used since SQL Server 2005 and PostgreSQL which I’ve used since v8.3.

I occasionally dabble in other aspects of computing leaning towards the open source world including Linux.

My intentions for this blog are many:

  • As a platform for me to jot down my ideas and experiences on topics I think are worth noting or have the likelihood of being searched for in future; my own digital notepad
  • An effective method of understanding and retaining knowledge is through teaching. First and foremost, I’ll be teaching myself. I aim to break down problems in to simple steps that anyone can follow. Posts will often be on well documented areas in order to complete my personal notes. Such posts may still appeal to readers that are fond of my writing style
  • For the joy of sharing knowledge. I hope to help others in pursuit of answers to problems I may have already faced
  • As an opportunity to learn from others via feedback which will help improve my understanding further, correct my mistakes and introduce me to alternative methods I hadn’t considered

I hope you enjoy your stay.


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